Painted Ipswich Photo Gallery

Blue is generally a calming color. Pale blues remind us of the ocean and sky, expansive colors and relaxing.
White is used in this room to highlight the beautiful timber floor.
The water was up waist high in the floods. This was taken after the builder had repaired the damage
The client was extatic and said it looked better than before the flood. We used a two toned  harmonious colour scheme using different colours of the same tone. we used the darker colour on the lower level. This scheme was used to compliment the timber windows.
Red is a warm color, exciting our perceptions and warming our desires. Red is often associated with hunger, anger, passionand vitality

Yellow can work extremely well when muted with white to a paler tone like butter or cream.  A warmer yellow will be lively and can add interest and vitality to a space, white a softer yellow can inspire feelings of sun drenched walls.
Though an intense, rich cobalt blue may be stimulating and vibrant, the energy created is still one of calm, happiness and comfort.
A calm, neutral color scheme, allows natural elements like wood, stone and fabric to impart richness and contrast into this cozy interior.

Neutral colors primarily consist of a selection grays, beiges, tans, creams and taupe. These colors generally work with most other colors making them excellent choices as background colors for walls and ceilings. 

 Green can bevibrant, crisp and lively as well as muted, soft and calming.