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Our Best Fit Policy

We understand what it feels like to be on the end of a hard sell. We operate under a concept we call a best fit with our clients.

We are not in the business of convincing clients that they should choose us.

In order for you to determine if our company fits with your painting needs we would like to share who we are and what our business offers.

If you decide you would like more information we can talk to you about the needs that you have and find out if there is a best fit between us.

We can then both make an informed decision about where to go to from there.

 GMP Painters is an Ipswich owned company that is operated by Glenn and Mary Pearce.

Glenn has 23 years experience as a painting contractor in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas. Mary has supported Glenn in the running of the business and has also moonlighted as a teacher and psychologist.

We have a crew of five including an apprentice and a school based apprenticewho all live in the Ipswich area.

We operate under the practice of the following mission statement

Mission Statement

 Our painting is our clients  peace of mind. We will treat our client’s homes with the same respect as we do our own.  We strive to do this by guaranteeing the following

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